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Unable To Wake

Having been inspired from Twilight Zone episode "Perchance to Dream", Jonathan Creek episode "The Grinning Man", and even an episode of Garfield, I present to you my Dark Art work "Unable to Wake".

My idea is that as soon as you are under the bed clothes your dreaming begins. I have portrayed the lady being trapped under water and unable to escape to safety. In fact if she cannot escape soon she will likely die. This picture mirrors how the torment of depression can make a person feel trapped and unable to escape to safety or to a simpler way of life.

In a recent experiment I had shared this picture across many social networking sites without a title or description and was interested to find many different interpretations from many people who mostly suggested it to be a positive underwater fantasy scene. This proves that different people will perceive that which suits their own state of mind and past experiences.

There were slight tell tale signs all along that showed this was one of my more sinister works. For instance there is the sunken abandoned boat on the sea bed and the lack of any other living sea creatures. The bed duvet also (purposely) appears undisturbed hinting that the lady cannot lift it to escape back to bed.


© Andy King

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