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Andy King is an internationally recognized professional digital artist resident to the UK. His Dream Art & Dark Art work has inspired a following around the globe.  


In a lot of his work you will find traces of inspiration from great artists such as Rob Gonsalves, M.C.Escher, Salvador Dali and John Pugh as well as from a variety of influential TV shows particularly Rod Serling's "The Twilight Zone" series.


Andy strives for there to be some emotional reaction within his work usually occurring once the viewer learns the title of the piece. In some of his more darker work he likes the viewer to feel a little uncomfortable without the piece being distasteful.


"My ideas can come to me at any time, from a variety of different sources. Once I can see what I want to create, I photograph all the material I will need often resulting in traveling to the right locations just to get the perfect shots.


I love surrealistic, fantasy and magic realism art as well as optical illusions. My work will often contain a hidden or alternate meaning reflecting my own thoughts and feelings at that time."


"This is the world.......my way" - Andy King


Andy answers his own emails and operates all his own social media presence accounts.


If you have any questions about Andy's work or you need help with a query, please contact Andy via his contact form.

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